Many home buyers looking in Redondo Beach are also interested in Manhattan Beach homes.  In a way Manhattan Beach is the center of the housing market in the South Bay as it’s the most expensive and sought after city.  A real community feel, great schools and a certain “status” that many buyers are looking for are just a few of the reasons Manhattan Beach real estate is so desirable.

From a real estate perspective, Manhattan Beach is broken into several “sections” each with something different to offer.
  From luxury beach homes in the sand section, to the neighborhood feel of the tree section, to the gated community of Manhattan Village….there is something for everyone.

  • Sand section:  as the map shows, this is the area closest to the beach.  The homes in this area are walkable to the beach and often have views.  The lots are generally smaller than other areas and the homes don’t usually have much outdoor space.  Prices in this area can range dramatically.  This is the section of Manhattan with the most townhome opportunities.  This area also includes highly desireable “walkstreet” homes as well as beachfront Strand homes.
  • Tree Section:   The tree section feels more like a real neighborhood with tree lined streets, somewhat larger lots meaning better curb appeal and an overall calmer feel than the sand section.  There are a few areas that have some ocean views but for the most part the appeal is the larger homes that have larger yards and the quieter vibe.
  • Hill Section:  This area has it all.  This is home to some of the largest lots and some of the homes are true estate type properties.  It’s still relatively close to the beach and the hillside location means that many of the homes have fantastic ocean and south bay views.  Prices in this area also range dramatically as the homes and lots vary so extensively.
  • East Manhattan:  This is the area east of Sepulveda Blvd so the distance from the beach means more affordable prices.  Lots are generally larger than in the tree section and sand section and common sizes are 5,000 feet (generally the area north of Manhattan Beach Blvd) and the larger 7,500 (75×100) foot lots in the Mira Costa area which is south of Manhattan Beach Blvd.  Builders love this area and there is an abundance of new or newer homes.
  • Manhattan Village:  Manhattan Village is  a community within a community as it has such a different look and feel.  This is a gated community with 3 main housing types including the court homes (multi level townhome style homes grouped together), the townhomes which are smaller clusters of one and two story homes, and the estate homes which are single family homes with large yards.

Explore the Neighborhoods of Manhattan Beach and See the Homes for Sale by Area